New releases

  • 15 minute booty burn

    This is my go-to booty burn workout when I am short on time but still want to work up a sweat. For this you just need a workout band and then you’re good to go! Do this circuit 2-3 times and I promise you your booty will be on fire, in the best way possible!

    **Disclaimer: I am not a licensed tra...

  • Brooklyn Pizza Review

    I woke up with a pizza craving and thought why not hit up some popular pizza places I've seen on Tik Tok. Watch me eat about 6 slices of pizza and then go into a food coma, cheers! lol

    Pizza spot #1 - Fini Pizza
    Pizza spot #2 - L'industrie

  • Healthy Soba Noodle Salad

    Asian food is my all time favorite cuisine and this soba noodle salad is one of my go-to's for a weekday lunch. It's so easy to make and super healthy. Soba noodles are packed with lots of vitamins, fiber and protein. You can customize the salad with whatever veggies you like! Let me know what yo...

  • A Weekend in the Hamptons

    Back out east and it feels so good! I love vlogging in the Hamptons because it shows such a different part of our lives than the city so I took you guys along with us for the weekend! Get ready for lots of Preston, bomb sandwiches and family time.

  • Vlog: Rome and Sicily

    This month I went to Rome for a few days before heading to Sicily for a friend's wedding! I haven't been back to Rome since our honeymoon and I forgot how magical the city is. The vlog ends with a little surprise opportunity which was definitely a pinch me moment! Hope you guys enjoy. Also, use c...

  • Wellness with HB: all about acupuncture

    Come along with me to one of my most loved appointments - acupuncture! I have been doing acupuncture since I was a little girl because my mom is a huge enthusiast and now it is a staple in my wellness routine. I turned to acupuncture a lot during my fertility journey and now go once a week to kee...

  • Parenting Q&A Part 1 (fussy eating, trying new foods, tantrums...)

    First time mom over here who has learned so much over the past two years! It's always a learning curve but I have so many parenting hacks and tips to share with you all from how to get your kid to be an adventurous eater to how we handle tantrums. Let me know what you think and ask more questions...

  • Parenting Q&A Part 2 (Cannabis use, favoriting one parent, travel...)

    Part 2 of my parenting q&a! This episode is all about cannabis use around kids, how I deal with Preston's attachment to Brendan and what I like to do when Preston is having a tiny tantrum. Let me know what you think below!

  • Wellness with HB: Sea Moss

    Let's talk the hottest wellness trend - sea moss. I have been on the sea moss wave for years now and I swear people thought I was crazy 10 years ago. Sea moss has so many amazing benefits for you both nutritionally and topically so in this video I show you my favorite ways to use sea moss. Let me...

  • NYFW Vlog (Failed hairstyle, glam chats, vogue world..)

    Wow NYFW is back baby!! Had such a fun but hectic fashion week and wanted to take you guys along with me for all the glam moments and not so glam moments. Can you believe my ponytail extension came off before heading out the door!?! Im still so shook. check it out and let me know what you think!

  • Let's prep for NYFW (styling, body treatments, workouts...)

    We're back in NYC and getting back into the swing of things! Right when we got back it was NYFW so I decided to vlog and take you guys through all the prep that goes into getting ready for fashion week from stylist appointments to trying out new body sculpting treatments.

  • Relationship Q&A Part 1 (First impressions, falling in love, parenting...)

    One of my most requested videos is a Q&A with Brendan so here we are! Brendan and I answer all your questions on how we met, first impressions, hard parts of parenting and more! Stay tuned for part 2.