New releases

  • A Weekend in the Bahamas

    My very first solo trip with Preston! I was so excited to spend some quality time with P and this trip was so special. Check out our weekend in the Bahamas with my dad.

  • Teriyaki Tofu Sushi Wraps

    My tofu obsession continues into my third trimester! During this pregnancy I am obsessed with all asian foods and especially anything with tofu in it. I say I don't love tofu because I believe it is inflammatory but this baby wants tofu so that's what we're going with!
    The recipe I followed is fr...

  • BTS Campaign Shoot (Part 2)

    Part two of my Calia shoot in Nashville! This one is a chatty one where I show you some moments from the glam chair and recap how the shoot went! Hope you guys enjoy!

  • BTS Calia Campaign Shoot (Part 1)

    I wanted to take you guys along with me for one of my big Calia campaign shoots to get a BTS look at what goes into prepping for a shoot, what happens on set and all the other little moments in between. I'm spilling all the tea in this one!

  • Come to NYFW with Me

    NYFW looks so different now than it did 10 years ago but it's still fun to dress up in cute looks and hit the town. Come see all the BTS that goes into making NYFW work from styling appointments with my stylist Slutsky to a chatty grwm moment as I'm doing my own glam.

  • LA Vlog Part Two (podcasts, filming content, etc.)

    The LA vlogs continue! This vlog is a behind the scenes look at shooting content, podcast recordings and some meetings in LA. Let me know if you guys are into seeing more of the BTS of work days!

  • LA Vlog (Part 1)

    Come along with me for a 72 hour work trip in LA! Not going to lie I'm a NYC girl through and through so LA isn't my vibe but I do like to fill my time with all the wellness activities while I'm here. So far Courage Bagels in Silverlake is the highlight of my trip, a must try next time you're in LA!

  • Pregnancy Q&A

    The first pregnancy Q&A is here! Feels so crazy that the bump is now out in the world, but your response has been so amazing. There's so much to talk about from first-trimester sickness to crazy pregnancy cravings so this Q&A will be the first of many!

  • Week in My Life (workouts, smoothies, head spa)

    A snippet into my life last week! From working out with Kira Stokes for the first time in forever to creating one of my favorite hormone balancing smoothies for the gram. Enjoy!

  • Ringing in 2023 in the Cayman Islands

    Palm Heights Cayman Islands has been on our travel wishlist for years now so we were so excited and grateful to spend New Years down there with Preston and friends. The whole trip was a wellness vibe which was the best way to ring in the New Year.

  • Harvard Business School vlog (pinch me moment!!!)

    A little late to uploading this one but in November I had the opportunity to speak at Harvard Business School all about building a business, being a content creator and angel investor. This has been a goal of mine for the last few years so being there was very surreal. Let this vlog be a reminder...

  • Business Q&A with BF

    A guest appearance on HBFIT from Brendan! BF and I answer your most requested questions related to business. From how to find a side hustle to how we deal with business within our relationship. This is just the first one so let me know other questions or topics you want us to cover! My DMs are al...

  • Relationship Q&A Part 1 (First impressions, falling in love, parenting...)

    One of my most requested videos is a Q&A with Brendan so here we are! Brendan and I answer all your questions on how we met, first impressions, hard parts of parenting and more! Stay tuned for part 2.

  • Healthy Twist on Latkes

    It’s Hanukkah and this year I’m putting a healthy spin on a Jewish classic - latkes! I grew up eating latkes with my family and I wanted to make some for Preston but thought about how to make them less oily and kid friendly. I was shocked by how well they turned out! Try them and let me know what...