• Q&A (history with cannabis, college, plastic surgery!?)

    I'm finally answering all your most asked questions and even some questions that I have strayed away from answering! Do I have lip filler? When did I start with cannabis use? What did I major in in college? Click to find out!

  • Relationship Q&A Part 2 (Our fertility journey, our favorite trips...)

    Yes, there's a part two! In a continuation of Part 1, Brendan and I transition from talking about parenting styles, to our fertility journey, to one of our favorite trips we've ever taken. This one gets a little emotional for us!

  • Parenting Q&A Part 2 (Cannabis use, favoriting one parent, travel...)

    Part 2 of my parenting q&a! This episode is all about cannabis use around kids, how I deal with Preston's attachment to Brendan and what I like to do when Preston is having a tiny tantrum. Let me know what you think below!

  • Parenting Q&A Part 1 (fussy eating, trying new foods, tantrums...)

    First time mom over here who has learned so much over the past two years! It's always a learning curve but I have so many parenting hacks and tips to share with you all from how to get your kid to be an adventurous eater to how we handle tantrums. Let me know what you think and ask more questions...